Thursday, 19 May 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum Tag!

1.How many Tsum Tsum’s have you got?

25 with Alice and Hatter on their way!

2. What was your first?

My first was Elsa and Snow White!

3. Do you have a full set?

I have all The Lion King ones except Zazu :-(

4. What is your favourite set?

Definitely The Lion King

5. Who is your most wanted Tsum Tsum?

It was Rapunzel but I found her in Clintons the other day! I was so happy!

6. What set do you want them to make?

I think a OUAT set would be amazing! 

7. Do you collect just Disney or do you collect the Star Wars and Marvel ones?

Just Disney. I'm not a Star Wars or Marvel fan. I wasn't even going to get into Tsum Tsums haha!

8. Do you have any ones from Clintons/Target/Other non Disney Store shops?

Yes most are from Clintons as they are so hard to get. I don't mind that though :-)

9. Do you dislike any Tsum Tsums?

Yes I thought it was the Beast in Prince form but it was Christopher Robin :-(

10. Who do you think they should have release with previous sets?

The Hyenas would of been pretty amazing!

Thank you for tagging me Jade!

I tag anyone who loves Tsum Tsums :-)
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