Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Disney Princess Tag!

Hello everyone! I was tagged by Emily to do the Disney Princess tag! Enjoy.
1) Which Princess do you like the least?

It used to be Snow White like Emily said in her post her voice was really annoying to me. But since I met her in Disneyland Paris I'm liking her a bit more now. I just don't like the songs from the film.

2) Which Princess do you adore most?
Oh it changes every now and then. I didn't like them when I was growing up as I was focused on The Lion King but, in recent years I've gone from Rapunzel, Ariel and now Cinderella and Belle. So can I have four favourites? Haha. I adore Elsa too but she is a Queen.

3) Which Princess do you relate too most?

I think Cinderella. I adore the quote have courage and be kind and I'm always saving mice haha! I also think I'm most like Elsa.

4) Which sidekick do you wish you had?

Ohh..I've always loved Timon and Pumbaa but..I think Pegasus it would be cool to fly around!

5) Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?

Genie would be hilarious to hang out with!

6) Which Prince would love you?

Eric and Aladdin are my favourite so them? Haha! They're both quite determined too like me!

7) Which parents would raise you?

As I loved The Lion King growing up I think it would be Mufasa and Sarabi or Simba and Nala.

8) Which Castle do you want to live in?

Definitely Cinderella's! It's where all your dreams come true of course!

9) Which dress do you wish to own?

Cinderella's new iridescent ball gown! It is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and I want one myself! I also want Belle's! I love how it swooshes!

10) Which voice do you wish you had?

Ariel's. Her voice when she sings into the shell is amazing!

11) Which two Princesses would be best friends?
Oh I reckon Aurora and Cinderella would get on really well. They're both kind hearted.

12) Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another?

Maybe Snow White and Merida? I'm not sure thats a tricky one!

13) Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

I reckon Genie and Mushu! They're so funny and think would make a great pair!

14) Which two Princes would be best buds?

Eric and Aladdin I think would get along. They're both lively and adventurous!

15) Which scene makes you cry?

When Eugene says to Rapunzel you were my new dream.

16) What scene makes you cheer?

When Rapunzel's tear drops and saves Eugene! I was so relieved!

17) Which movie is your favourite soundtrack?

Well my favourite soundtrack is of course The Lion King but as theres no official Princess in that my favourite Princess soundtrack is either Beauty & The Beast or Princess and The Frog!

18) Which scene makes you cringe the most?
When Snow White gets scared in the forest. It makes me cringe so much!

19) Which story do you wish was your life?

Such a hard question. I'm not quite sure. I guess Rapunzel's story also would love a Fairy Godmother! 

20) Which movie do you love the most?  
Out of the Princess ones I love Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Tangled and Princess and The Frog!

I hope you enjoyed my answers! I now tag:

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