Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Disney Confessions!

Hello everyone. I thought it was finally time to do my own Disney Confessions post. Let's start.

1. I hate Star Wars! I think most of you know this. I really don't like that it's going to have its own land in Disneyland. I only watched the first few when I was young.

2. I don't get why Pluto can't talk and Goofy can?

3. Snow White annoyed me a lot! Her voice got on my nerves. I only started liking the film and Snow White once I met her in Disneyland. But the wishing song still makes me cringe haha! And it used to scare me when I was little.

4. The Hyenas in The Lion King made me scared of Hyenas in real life. When at the zoo or a safari park I have to run past them. Even foxes at night remind me of the noises they make.

5. When I was younger I wasn't really into the Princess thing. I remembered I loved Hercules and had a doll of Pocahontas but, my main focus was The Lion King.

6. I never really met that many characters in Orlando or Paris back in the day. I met Mickey, Minnie Chip & Dale Goofy...etc I just loved being there.

7. I'm not a huge fan of Pixar. The only Pixar films I like are Toy Story and Brave, sometimes Finding Nemo.

8. I have never had a Dole Whip or been on Space Mountain.

9. I HATE rides!! I get scared of the big roller coasters and Tower Of Terror! I have only in recent years warmed up to Peter Pan. Even last October I got a bit scared on it when it dips. I get motion sickness now too and hate anything that spins / goes up and down haha.

10. I don't trade pins. I did in the Disney store once but if I buy a pin it will be a special memory like meeting a particular character or a pin with the year on it. I don't want to part with such a pretty pin!

Phew! Glad to get those off my chest :-) Tell me what are your Disney confessions?

Enjoy Steph

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