Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Disneyland Halloween Day One

Hello everyone! I am back from my magical four days in Disneyland Paris. It was the best trip ever and I'm sad it's over!
We got on the Eurostar from St.Pancras to Marne Le Vallée at 10am and received breakfast as we were in Standard Premiere. It was a very packed train as it was half term. The drive was faster than I remembered and a bit more bumpier but so pretty outside with all the autumnal leaves!

We had our breakfast and some more croissants with a hot chocolate and we finally arrived at lunch time!

I haven't stayed at a Disneyland hotel in years so we stayed at The Santa Fé hotel which is good. Only 10 minute bus drive to the park and they don't stop at the other hotels.

We arrived at the park just before the parade as the sun was setting after checking in to the Santa Fé Hotel. The weather was beautiful! The leaves were so orange and we only had rain in the night time. The Tuesday was like a hot summers day!

We watched the parade but I didn't take many photos of it this day, as I wanted to see my cousins reactions to the parade - they loved it! Every time I watch it now it goes faster and faster. I wish they would add more floats to it!

It was time to eat so, as the parade was finishing I told everyone to run as we didn't have a restaurant booked that night. Everywhere was full but, we got into Annette's Diner which I love!

I didn't stay for the fireworks this night as I was quite tired but had a great first day and can't wait to share with you the next few days!

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before? How many times have you gone? This is my 8th trip! Let me know in the comments if it's your first ever trip or 10th visit!

Enjoy Steph
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