Friday, 31 January 2014

2 Year Anniv!

Hello! First off Happy New Year! First blog post of 2014!! 

Today is the second birthday of SR Photography!

 I decided to create a photography page to share my photos! I then created a website (a new one is currently in the pipeline....) and a blog! I love to travel and have had a couple of opportunities now to go to different places. Chicago was my first trip since starting SR Photography, Canada twice, I visited Vancouver both times! Which meant I got to go to Steveston where the TV show Once Upon a Time is filmed twice! :-) I have also visited Seattle, Barcelona, Ireland and Paris!! I have also done a few events such as 7Billion Ideas' iPhone App!

My next trip is to Mykonos and I will definitely be snapping photos there! :-)

So thank you for your continued support for SR Photography, coming to Christmas Craft Fairs at Imber Court, liking my page and photos! I want to have my own exhibition one day! :-)

Will hopefully post a blog about my second trip to Vancouver and Seattle soon!

Thank you! Bring on the next two years :-)


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