Monday, 29 April 2013


My second trip this year was Ireland. 
It was a short trip so theres not many photos, but here are a couple I took whilst I was there :-)

Here is also a photo I took from last week of a cloud with the colours of a rainbow! :-)

Wonder where my next trip will be :-)


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Vancouver, Canada!

Hello everyone!

I have just come back from a once in a life time trip to Vancouver, Canada! It was amazing I am posting some photos here of my trip!!

It was amazing! We went to a mountain called Grouse Mountain and on the way up it started to snow!
I did a lot of sightseeing around Vancouver and shopping!

I wanted to see some bears but I didn't see any haha. There was some at Grouse Mountain but they were hibernating!
We went on a suspension bridge it was quite scary but amazing views.

I went to Stanley Park too, so pretty with all the blossom trees! I loved that there were loads of mountains around you and there was a bit city!
Will post more photos to my facebook page soon!


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